February 1, 2016

Solar Screens, Weather Screens, or Insect Screens

The versatility of Retractable Screens

Solar Screens, Weather Screens, and/or Insect Screens

Titan Screen Solar Screens. Can also be used as weather screens and insect screens

The beauty of retractable screens for patios and lanais, whether it be solar screens, weather screens, or insect screens, is that they can be customized to best suit your need. Even if you have a primary objective, each screen serves multiple purposes. For example, if your primary use for your screen is to block afternoon sun, your solar screens will also keep insects away.

Below is a list of primary uses for your retractable screens and how to customize your Titan Screens to achieve your desired needs:

Solar Screens

Whether your main concern is protecting your home, furnishings, and family from harmful UV rays, or simply cutting down the glare from the early morning or late afternoon sun, Titan Screen offers solar screens with three solar ratings – Solar 80, Solar 90, and Solar 95. Solar 80 allows 20% of UV rays to permeate the screen, Solar 90 allows 10% permeation, and Solar 95 allows 5% permeation. These come in multiple colors to best compliment your home’s exterior facade. The solar rating you select depends on how much light and UV radiation you would like to block, keeping in mind that the higher the solar rating, the lower the exterior visibility.

Weather Screens

If your primary use for your screens is to block rain, wind, and other adverse weather conditions, the solar-rated screens listed above serve a likewise purpose. For example, Solar 95 screen also allows just 5% permeation of rain and wind.

Insect Screens

Titan Screen solar-rating screens provide excellent protection against insects and other unwanted critters. If your ONLY objective is insect protection, Titan Screen’s super screen is the right product for your needs, offering little to no UV protection or impediment your exterior visibility.

The greatest advantage utilizing motorized, retractable screens on your patio, lanai, porch, or windows is that the screens are only in place when you need them and retracted into their discrete housing when not. To select the right retractable screen for your needs, whether solar screens, weather screens,  or insect screens, speak to the Titan Screen authorized dealer in your area.

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