March 7, 2016

“Home Motion by Somfy” important for Titan Screen

Titan Screen and Home Motion by Somfy
Reliability and Longevity

Reliability and longevity are the cornerstones of Titan Screen. This makes Home Motion by Somfy the only choice for motors and electronic controls in Titan Screen’s motorized applications. Somfy is the world leader in door and window automation for the home and building industry, with over 100 million motors sold worldwide. Somfy’s commitment to quality, continuous innovation, and dedication to support & service help make Titan Screen the most reliable motorized retractable screen system available on the market.

Controlling Your Screens

“Home Motion by Somfy” also refers to the many options available to control the movement of your Titan Screens. From hand-held and wall-mounted remote controls to timed-triggered engaging/retracting to integrating screens with your mobile device or home automation system, Somfy controls and Titan Screen offers the user the perfect solution for controlling his or her motorized retractable screens.

For more information, visit the Titan Screen Control Options page at or contact Titan Screen at (239) 262-8823.

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