January 13, 2016

Retractable Screens, Motorized Screens, Roll Screens..

…By any name, They Make Good Sense

Retractable Screens, Motorized Screens, Roll Screens

We’ve heard them referred to by many names: Retractable Screens, Motorized Screens, Roll Screens, Roll Up Screens, Roll Down Screens, Electric Screens, Patio Screens, Sun Screens, on and on. Whatever term you prefer, Titan Screens will increase the use of outdoor spaces, add value to your property, and protect your assets.

The benefits of motorized, retractable roll screens, like Titan Screen, are plentiful:

  • In place when you need them, discretely stored away in their low profile housing when you don’t. If your need is to block the late afternoon sun, your retractable screens can be retracted into their housing the rest of the day, leaving you unfettered views.
  • Conveniently engaged or retracted at a touch of a button. We offer many options in controls, hand held remotes, wall mount switches, and integration with many home automation systems,
  • Multiple uses include insect protection, block against debris, wind and rain barrier, solar protection, and added privacy.
  • Enables you to extend the use of outside spaces like patios, balconies, lanais, gazebos, porticoes, and garages.
  • Replace unsightly and expensive screen cages over pool areas. In hurricane prone areas, many insurance companies no longer insure screen cages, and replacement costs can top $80,000. Titan Screens can be retracted during storms, helping protect them from sustaining serious damage.
  • Protection for furnishings and artwork from harmful UV rays. Solar screens come with UV ratings of 80%, 90%, and 95%, with higher ratings blocking more UV rays.
  • Blocking UV rays also reduces heat gain, lowering cooling costs.

Whatever the reason for your retractable screens, motorized screens, roll screens purchase, Titan Screen can provide the solution for you. Titan consistently outperforms the competition in ease of installation, ease of use, and longevity. Contact Titan Screen at (239) 262-8823 for an authorized dealer in your area, or email us at

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