September 18, 2015

Customizing your Motorized Retractable Screens

The increased demand for Titan Screen motorized retractable screens can be directly attributed to its versatility of uses over traditional screen options and screen cages.

Housing Color: Titan Screen housing comes in four standard colors to complement most homes exterior facades. If the standard color choices don’t fit the bill, we also offer dozens of custom powder coated colors to achieve the precise look you’re hoping to achieve.

Screen Color: Titan Screen Solar Screens also have numerous color options, adding beauty and style to your home’s appearance.

Screen Weave: Weave refers to the openness of the screen material; the tighter the weave the more protection from damaging UV rays. Looser weavers, like Textilene Super Screen, are primarily used for insect and debris protection, while tighter weaves, like Textilene Solar 80, Solar 90, and Solar 95 are primarily used for sun protection, with the added benefit of also providing insect and debris protection.

Operator: Titan Screens roll up and discretely store in their own housing units mounted above the opening. How you operate your screens is what the Titan Screen experience is all about. Hand-held remote controls, wall-mounted remote controls, hard-wired switches, home automation systems, mobile device applications, hand cranks, or any combination of these provide you complete control to operate your Titan Screens any way you desire.

Mounting: Titan Screens can be surface mounted to most openings with very little needed headroom. They can also be trapped mounted (mounted within the opening) if the needed headroom is not available. When specified into your home design during construction, Titan Screens can also be hidden in the soffits, so your screens “magically” disappear with a press of a button. And for hurricane-prone regions, Titan Screens can be stack-mounted with many types of roll shutters.

Usage: In place when you need them, retracted when you don’t. Whether you need sun protection, insect protection, a weather barrier, or all of these, there are times when an unobstructed view is preferred. With Titan Screen motorized retractable screens, you can achieve your desired usage with a simple touch of a button.

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